Derek Lipp – Biography, Career, Net Worth

Derek Lipp, who was born in Bedford, Michigan, is a shining star in the digital realm. By combining creativity and humor, he ventured into social media. During his childhood, he honed his skills in music and drama, setting the foundation for his future.

His passion for entertainment is fuelled by this background. In 2017, he underwent a crucial change in his journey. His presence on social media platforms grew exponentially at that time. His profile was enhanced by his collaborations with famous TikTokers. Derek’s comedic flair is now bringing delight to millions. He has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry.

Real Name/Full NameDerek Lipp
Date Of BirthAugust 12, 1990
Age33 years old
BirthplaceMichigan, United States.
Zodiac signLeo
Height5 feet 9 inch
Weight75 kg
ChildrenDaisy (daughter), Dylan (son)
ProfessionSocial Media Star, Entrepreneur
Net worth$9 million


Derek Lipp’s age is currently early thirties as he was born on August 12, 1990 in Michigan, United States.

I hail from Bedford, Michigan. My younger brother Dylan is a YouTube sensation and my sister Danielle is a nurse. I choose to keep family details private.

Derek was born in Temperance, Michigan and obtained his high school diploma from Bedford High School in 2008. Derek demonstrated his interest in various extracurricular activities during high school by joining groups and participating in theater, singing, and even football. After completing his high school degree, he pursued his studies at Monroe County Community College in Monroe, Michigan.

Personal Life

Derek Lipp is currently enjoying a strong and affectionate relationship without any signs of issues or complications.


His popularity soared in 2017 after he joined the Sway House collective and collaborated with other social media stars. His unique brand of comedy is still entertaining and engaging his millions of followers.

Derek’s social media fame was a result of his work as a waiter and music pursuits, which showcased his diverse talents and work ethic. At 14 years old, he started his own online store that specialized in gadgets and accessories, and his entrepreneurial spirit was evident from an early age.

Net Worth

Derek Lipp, who is widely recognized as a social media influencer and content creator, has been estimated to have a net worth of $9 million. Lipp’s comedic skits and engaging content on platforms like Vine and TikTok are well-known, and he has managed to turn his online popularity into a significant financial portfolio.


Derek’s entrepreneurial nature is reflected in his ventures, including Lipp Apparel, which expand his income sources. His merchandise line enables fans to support him directly while also enjoying products that exemplify his brand and style.

Overall, Derek Lipp’s net worth and income sources paint a picture of a dynamic influencer who has successfully leveraged his online presence to create a thriving career in the digital space.

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