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His YouTube channel was created in 2009 by CoryxKenshin As of now, he has a significant following on multiple social media platforms. He is not only a YouTuber but also a singer with songs like The Pizza Rap, Bring A Friend, and Stay Wit Me.

Real Name/Full NameCory DeVante Williams
Date Of BirthNovember 9, 1992
Age31 years old
BirthplaceDetroit, Michigan.
Zodiac signScorpio
Height6 feet 2 inch
Weight80 kg
SiblingsAleya, Antony
ProfessionYouTuber, gamer, entrepreneur, singer
Net worth$15 million


On November 9, 1992, Ann Arbor, Michigan welcomed Cory Williams into the world. His childhood was spent in Detroit, Michigan. He has a brother named Anthony, who has made appearances in a few of his videos. His family consisted of two siblings: Aleya, his sister, and Antony Williams, a YouTuber.

CoryxKenshin’s father is named Mr. Williams and he works as a businessman. Mrs. Stephanie Williams is his mother’s name, and she works as a housewife.

The singer began his studies at Michigan State University in 2010 with a focus on Media Arts, but resigned after two years. He attended the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science (Game Development). To pursue his YouTube career, Cory dropped out as well.


On April 26, 2009, Williams was 16 years old and started using YouTube, posting his first video in May of the same year. Cory’s initial horror game was White Finger, which he played in October 2013. Super Punch-Out! was his first game series created in 1994. At Comic-Con International and PAX East, Cory came across other YouTubers like Muyskerm, Yamimash, LordMinion777, and Jacksepticeye during his time at gaming festivals.

Williams’s initial YouTube video, titled ‘Girls in particular’, garnered over 1.5 million views, starting on May 26, 2009.

A Community Guidelines strike was placed on Williams’ YouTube channel on August 27, 2021, one day after he returned to YouTube due to a Try Not to Laugh video he had uploaded in 2019. It has been identified as child abuse. On September 2, 2021, Cory uploaded a video entitled ‘YouTube Gave Me a Strike and Won’t Tell Me Why’ to respond to the issue at hand. He explains the situation and criticizes YouTube’s failure to communicate effectively when situations like this arise. The video quickly became #1 on Trending after being uploaded.

Here are some of CoryxKenshin’s most well-received videos:

Friday Night Funkin’ is the culmination of The Full Week of Pico! The US’s top 5 most watched videos in 2021.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 — Night 6! (24 Million Views)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent — Part 1! (19 Million Views)

Bloodborne — Gascoigne Defeated! (16 Million Views)

Bendy and the Ink Machine — Chapter 5: The Last Reel (15 Million Views)

Net Worth

It is estimated that Williams has a net worth of $15 million. Cory’s earnings are mostly derived from his social media presence, including content creation, YouTube, brand endorsements, and business ventures.


The popularity of Williams’ YouTube channel CoryXKenshin increased in 2015 due to his viral videos. He took a sudden break from YouTube in 2018/19. His followers expressed concern, with some even going so far as to state that they believed Cory was dead. His channel returned to making videos in 2020, and quickly became one of the most subscribed gaming channels on YouTube.

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