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Larry Hoover

Larry Hoover (born November 30, 1950) was a former gangster and street gang kingpin in the United States. The Gangster Disciples, the Chicago street gang, is named after him.

Hoover is currently being held captive at the ADX Florence prison facility in Colorado and is being sentenced to six life terms. He was previously convicted of murder in 1973 and sentenced to life in prison with an additional 200 years. After a 17-year investigation, Hoover was found guilty of conspiracy, extortion, money laundering, and running a criminal enterprise from state prison. Hoover was sentenced to another life term in 1997. He has tried to reduce his sentence multiple times.

Real Name/Full NameLarry Hoover
Date Of BirthNovember 30, 1950
Age73 Years
BirthplaceJackson, Mississippi, U.S.
Zodiac signSagittarius
Height5 feet 10 inch
Weight78 kg
ChildrenLarry Bernard, Larry Hoover Jr., Tyree Hoover, Samaya Hoover
ProfessionGang Leader
Net worth$10 million


November 30, 1950 marked Larry Hoover’s birth. Jackson, Mississippi was where he was born and then his family moved to Chicago, Illinois. His family was looking for a better life when they moved from Mississippi, little did they know that Chicago would lead Hoover to be one of the biggest gangsters in the entire country.


In 1973, Hoover’s long run-in with the law began when the gang got involved in the murder of William Young. In the Englewood neighborhood, Young, 19, was kidnapped and then killed. Hoover had given the go-ahead for the murder.

Hoover and Andrew Howard, the murderer, were detained by the police at a later time that year. Hoover was charged with murder in November 1973 and sentenced to a sentence ranging from 150 to 200 years in prison. The Statesville Correctional Center in Illinois was the destination for Hoover afterwards.

Barksdale, the leader of his gang, had passed away from kidney failure caused by a gunshot in 1974, as Hoover discovered later. After that, he assumed the role of leader of the gang. It should come as no surprise that Hoover carried out his duties from within the prison. While he was in his cell, he was in charge of the largest criminal cartel.

The Gangster Disciples, his gang, began to gain an enormous fan base by transitioning from violence to attending charity events and undertaking peaceful projects. The gang was renamed to ‘Growth and Development’ by him. In 1995, his group was estimated to have 30,000 members in more than 35 US states. His band and he earned around $100 million annually as a result of this success.

Hoover was found to have been involved in both drug conspiracy and extortion upon the conclusion of the 17-year investigation. In 1997, Hoover was arrested by federal agents and taken to the Metropolitan Correctional Center for trial, where he was convicted.

Net worth

Larry Hoover’s journey to an estimated net worth of $10 million is a complex tale woven through illegal activities, his influential role in founding the Gangster Disciples, and his connections to the music industry.

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