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Lean Beef Patty

LeanBeefPatty is a fitness influencer from America who posts on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media. Her birth name in the United States is Patricia, and she entered the world in 1997. The exact date of her birth has not been revealed yet. Her social media accounts are filled with fitness-related content, which she is known for posting.

Fans are curious about the woman behind the ‘Muscle Mommy’ persona after seeing her meteoric rise. Her quirky nickname and chiseled physique make her a standout. Her popularity has led to the acquisition of millions of followers who are eager to learn her secrets

Real Name/Full NamePatricia
Date Of Birth1997
Age27 years old
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Zodiac signNot Known
Height5 feet 3 inch
Weight58 kg
Marital StatusNot Married
SiblingsNot Known
ProfessionFitness instructor, TikTok star, social media influencer
Net worth million


A woman named Patricia, born in 1997 in Los Angeles, is behind the catchy moniker and will be 27 years old by 2024. Her family was active, with her mother teaching gymnastics and her father maintaining a gym membership for over three decades. At a young age, Lean Beef Patty became passionate about fitness.

Lean was born and raised in the United States, where she found her passion for fitness while studying in high school and later trained under a professional trainer. She decided to pursue a career as a fitness trainer after earning a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Personal Life

At present, the American YouTuber is not dating anyone. The fitness enthusiast discussed her past relationships in more detail during the Jesse James East interview mentioned earlier. She brought attention to the fact that she had previously experienced two relationships that did not work out.


Lean Beef Patty’s social media journey has lead to her widespread recognition and substantial financial success! Her influence is undeniably widespread as of February 2023 with a fan base of over 7.6 million followers on TikTok and an impressive 71 million subscribers on YouTube.

Lean Beef Patty’s career began with a focus on fitness instruction and personal training, with the aim of helping many individuals achieve their fitness goals and improve their health. In addition to coaching, she also competed in bodybuilding, demonstrating her talents!

In 2019, Lean Beef Patty opened her TikTok account, using the platform to showcase succinct yet impactful videos encapsulating her workouts, mobility routines, dynamic cosplays, insightful food reviews, and a vibrant slice of her lifestyle. Within a short period of time, Lean Beef Patty’s TikTok content became highly popular, resulting in an extensive following.

In 2020, Lean Beef Patty launched her YouTube channel after her TikTok success. Her fitness insights were explored more extensively here, and she offered comprehensive advice, immersive routines, captivating challenges, and insightful mobility exercises.

LeanBeefPatty launched a YouTube channel after her successful social media presence. In December 2021, she released her initial video called ‘GYM WORKOUT VLOG WITH THE BEEF AND CO.?!?!?’. Her YouTube channel was created in April 2021 despite this fact.

She continued to share her experience on social media, including fitness-related content, and eventually released ‘LEG DAY- the epic descent into insanity’ in February 2022. BEEF & CO. became the first video on her channel to have garnered more than 1 million views.

Leg Day At A New Gym (2022)

10 MINUTE AB WORKOUT- no equipment needed (2022)

LeanBeefPatty | What I Eat In A Day! (2022)

WARMUP ROUTINE – full body mobility (2022)

5 BREAKFASTS FOR WEIGHTLOSS – Lean Muscle Meals (2022)


Trying pole fitness | I did NOT expect this (2023)

Despite the difficulties, Lean Beef Patty persists in her dedication to her passions. Her new nickname ‘Muscle Mommy’ is being embraced as a proof of her exceptional fitness and unwavering determination.

Net Worth

LeanBeefPatty, an American TikTok star and fitness instructor, is worth $1 Million on the financial market. Her social media presence is what makes her famous, as she posts pictures of her abs and biceps.


Using TikTok, she started her social media journey in 2021, and shared her transformation, workouts, fitness tutorials, and tips. As her impressive videos went viral and amassed thousands of followers and likes, she started to gain popularity on the platform.

The power of determination and self-love is demonstrated in her story as a powerful testament. As she persists in breaking barriers and inspiring others, one thing is certain. The fitness world will forever be changed by the impact of Lean Beef Patty, who leaves an indelible mark on the lives she affects.

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