Get Well Soon Messages for Her & Him

Get Well Soon Messages for Her & Him
Get Well Soon Wishes for Him

Get well soon. I can’t wait to see you cheerful, happy and healthy again!

Honey I love you so much. Your illness makes me sad and it makes me think about you every minute. I can’t wait for the day you will come home, speedy recovery.

I want you to recover fast baby and shine brighter than the sun because you’re really my sunshine, get well soon and brighten my day. Love you sunshine.

It breaks my heart to see you suffering. I wish I had something magical to take away all the pains. Get well soon.

I will keep kissing you, hugging you, cuddling you, and pampering you till you feel well. I love you.

Get Well Soon Messages

I pray to Lord for your quick recovery. I wish I was there to take care of you! Thinking of you lots and hoping for your speedy recovery, sweetheart!

You are in my thoughts and prayers, hoping that you feel back to your best soon.

Get well very soon and be happy, love of my life.

Get well soonest the love of my life. I love it when you are well and up on your feet. For sure your absence is disturbing me every minute.

I am sending you hot kisses right now sweetheart, to flush out that could that is putting you down. Get well soon.

I wish I was a doctor. It would have been easier to look after you and make you feel better. Get well soon.

Get well soon. I am eagerly awaiting your speedy recovery, my lover.

Get Well Soon Messages

I miss your smile, hugs, and everything about you. I am praying for you speedy recovery. I Love you!

Knowing you’re with me all day gives me joy and happiness, I’m so sad knowing you’re sick, can you just get well already and bring back my happiness. Get well soon pumpkin.

Wishing a very speedy recovery to my dear lover.

My love is always with you. Get well soon, sweetheart!

Get Well Soon Messages for Him

I hope my wishes make you feel better, just as your smile always makes me feel better.

My life has stopped since I’m not being able to see you smile and laugh. Please take your smile with speedy recovery.

You are my life. When you’re ill, my heart aches with worry. Get well soon!

I’m sending my prayers and warm wishes to you, hoping they will heal you as fast as possible. Get well soon. I miss you here.

Since I heard about you being unwell, my heart is feeling unwell.

Get Well Soon Messages for Him

I am sending you love your way. Hope you have a fast recovery.

As important as your medicines are for you while you are unwell, that’s how important you are to me every day.

Sending loads of hugs and kisses. I hope they make you feel happy and healthy.

Sickness might come and go, but I will always be here with you to help.

I pray to the Almighty to help my lover to recover quickly from this illness.

My life feels incomplete without long talks with you and holding your hand. Want to do that soon again, so please get better soon.

Opposites attract – that’s why sick bugs are attacking a beautiful person like you. Get well soon.

I’m sending my thoughtful prayers to you, get better soon baby and enjoy the joy of being healthy. Miss you my love, do get well soon for me.

If I will not be able to hug you for another day, I will get more unwell than you are right now.

You take care of me so well always dear now that you are unwell is my perfect chance to get back at you. Get well soon.

I am becoming like a flower who hasn’t been watered. I need you and love you.

Your illness is making me shed tears my love. But your recovery from illness is making me smile again as it assures you will be on you will return home soonest.

I want to keep kissing you until you feel better. Get back to me.

Get well soon, my dear love! Sending all my love for a fast recovery.

Just close your eyes and remember me. All the bugs and bacteria will run away from your body.

Hey handsome, if my kisses and hugs could heal you right away, you know I’ll be doing that every seconds of the day. It hurts to see you sick on that bed and I just want you to get well for me as soon as possible. Get well soon my love.

All my best wishes are with you. Feel Well Soon.

You will need to meet me only once to become well. Because once you meet me, my love will completely cure you. Hope you feel good soon.

I pray for a very fast recovery and a good health for my dear lover.

You take good care of me always honey and now that you are unwell, I have every reason to be worried. Get well soonest my love and know that I love you so much.

You are not feeling well and so am I as you are not around. I hope you feel better soon.

Honey I feel so sad not because you are sick but because I want it to happen right now and when I close and open my eyes you are still on this bed. Get well soon.

I understand how low t feels when you are sick. Please have your medicines regularly on time.

You’ve brought so much joy to my life; I hope to bring some cheer to yours. Get well soon.

Seeing you sick leaves me sick with worry. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

It is so hard for me to see you sick. It hurts me equally. Wish you a quick recovery.

My love, I’m sending you all my love and care, hoping they’ll make you recover soon. Please get better for me my love.

Sending you the warmest wishes for you. Take care and feel good soon.

I miss your kisses and hug! Feel better soon!

I hope and wish you regain your strength soon.

I am eagerly waiting for you to get back to your original spark. Feel better soon honey.

I have a special surprise for you darling but to qualify to see it you have to get out of this bed first. Get well soonest. Love you deeply.

Sending my love and hopes that it this will envelop you with good health.

Everywhere has been really boring without you, can you just get better already and come make my days. Please get better for me. Miss you.

There is nothing in this world more painful than seeing you in this pain. Feel good soon love.

Sending you tons of kisses to help you recover and restore your health.

Get well soon and hold me tight. If I have it my way, I shall never let you fall ill again!

It’s so painful to see you on that bed looking sick, I’m so used to you being alive and so healthy, I just want you to come back stronger and better for me my love. Get well soon.

Don’t be so stressed honey. You will be well very soon.

I wish for your good health to return soon, my lover.

I wish I would have got the illness in your place. Wish you fast recovery.

My life is incomplete without you! Here’s to your good health. Get well soon.

The way sun rises, I pray you rise from your illness and get going.

Get Well Soon Messages for Her

Get Well Soon Messages for Her

Get well soon love. My blessings are always with you. Stay blessed.

Get well soon my love, we have so much to plan. And I can’t wait to do it with you.

I miss your smile, I miss your cuteness, I miss your mischievousness. I miss you, sweetie. Get well soon.

I pray to God that he relieves you of this pain and give you back your beautiful smile. Get well soon.

Missing you terribly and counting the seconds until you feel better, get well soon my love.

I hope my feel better wishes for you bring a smile on your face. I love you.

Seeing you suffering makes me feel so sad. I will fall sick seeing you like this. get well soon.

Just because you got some bugs, doesn’t mean we have to stop our hugs. I am praying for a speedy recovery.

Sending you the warmest wishes for you. Take care and feel good soon.

I miss your kisses and hug. I hope I can always give you hundred times of those to make you feel better. You know how much I love you baby. Get well soon.

You are the prettiest soul I have ever met. It pains me to see you laying in the hospital bed. Get well soon.

Get Well Soon Wishes for Her

My love, you’re the strongest woman I know and I know you’re strong enough to overcome this illness. Get well soon and continue staying strong for me. I love you.

Please get well soon. It is hard for me to see you every day at the hospital. You cannot grab my attention like this.

My only prayer to God is that he gives you the strength to defeat this illness. I know he will answer my prayer with the sweetest reward of all.

My highest hope for you is that you get well soon. You can do it, I believe in you, you will prevail. You have fought well, and I want to feel better.

I wish you a good health and beautiful life. Get well soon.

Get well soon sweetie! Hugs and kisses for you always.

I hope my wishes make you feel better, just as your smile always makes me feel better.

Since I heard about you being unwell, my heart is feeling unwell.

I am sending you love your way. Hope you have a fast recovery.

I feel extremely sad as I miss to see the smile on your face. Wish you fast recovery.

Get better soon my dear wife. You are everything to me.

You can do better than well, you can recover completely. Feel better soon, as soon as you can.

At this period when you are unwell, you are queen all you have to do is ask and it shall be done. Take advantage honey. Get well soon.

My love, I don’t know the perfect word to say to you but I’ll hold your hands till you will get better and you’ll open your eyes seeing me by your bed each day until you get better. Get well soon.

My life seems incomplete without you. Get well soon. I can’t stay without you any longer. I love you, sweetheart.

Feel better and get well soon, I’m here for anything that you need. Sending my warm thoughts to you during this time of healing, hope you get well soon love.

Let my warm hugs heal you. Take care, my girl.

I am missing you badly. I can’t wait any longer. Get back to me soon.

I miss your warmth embrace, my prince. You are held captured on a hospital bed because of your illness. I am hoping for your recovery soon!

I will always be close to you in love and spirit, please remember that I am always here for you sweetheart. I am looking forward being with you again always.

I promise that I will be a better person for you. I realized that I cannot live without you. Get well soon my love.

Say goodbye to your medicines, capsules and tablets. I am going to cure you with my love.

I know you are a strong person. You will get through anything. Get well soon.

While you take this time to recover from your injury I am praying for you and hoping to see you get well soon.

We have been praying you can get well soon, and we know it has been a difficult time for you.

Feel better, because yes, you had to deal with something but you are out of the woods now. You will stay well, as is my hope.

Sending kisses and hugs, thoughts of healing and comfort, hoping to see you get well soon.

Wishing you a good rest so that you recover quickly because I miss you, get well soon.

My heart has been skipping a beat since I have found out you are unwell. I want to say that I am thinking about you.

I cannot wait for you to recover! I wish my warm hugs and kisses would work as medicine and help you to get on your feet earlier! Get well soon, love.

I wish I could take all that pain you are suffering from. May you recover soon.

I feel so bad for you my love. I am praying for a quick recovery.

Sending you my love during this difficult healing time, hope to see you get well soon.

I cannot raise a family so well the way you do, you have been an understanding and loving wife. Also, a good mother to our children, they misses you a lot, and so do I. I love you honey.

While you are fighting with your disease, I will sit next to you and pray for your speedy recovery.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be cured. Dear God, you said that every disease has a cure. And I believe there is a remedy for her illness.

I pray to God for your good health hundred times a day.

It is so hard for me to see you sick. It hurts me equally. Wish you a quick recovery

Your medications can heal your body; my love will heal your soul. I hope to see you soon dear.

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