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Albert Ezerzer

Albert Ezerzer’s birth date was January 31, 1959 in the United States. In the transportation department of the film and television industry, he worked diligently to make sure that cast and crew members reached their destinations safely and on time. The teams he worked with adored him for his meticulous work ethic and dedication.

Real Name/Full NameAlbert Ezerzer
Date Of BirthJanuary 31, 1959
Age55 years old (at the time of death)
Death dateApril 18, 2014
BirthplaceUnited States of America
Zodiac signAquarius
EthnicityAfrican American
Marital statusMarried
SpouseRachel Ezerzer

Early Life and Career

Albert Ezerzer was a Canadian who lived an ordinary and relatable life outside the spotlight. Ezerzer’s early life, educational background, and family details are scarce because he was not a public figure in the traditional sense. He is known to have found his passion in the film and television industry, where he worked behind the scenes. Although not always glamorous, his role played a crucial role in the smooth execution of production processes.

Ezerzer’s career was predominantly focused on the transportation department in film and television productions. He made sure that equipment, crew, and cast members were transported efficiently from one location to another in this capacity. This role is crucial in any production, even though it’s often overlooked, ensuring that schedules are adhered to and all necessary personnel and equipment are present at the appropriate time.

What was Albert Ezerzer Famous For?

Albert Ezerzer was famous for his contribution to the transportation department in various film and TV projects. At first, people thought he was an actor on ‘Suits,’ but actually his contributions were behind the scenes. He was in charge of the transportation logistics and ensured that cast members, such as Shirley MacLaine and Rosie O’Donnell, were efficiently transported to and from the sets.

How did Albert Ezerzer contribute to ‘Suits’?

The first three seasons of ‘Suits’ were marked by Albert Ezerzer’s pivotal contribution. His work behind the scenes was crucial in facilitating the daily operations required to bring the show to life, even though he was not in front of the camera.

Albert Ezerzer was involved with ‘Suits’ until the third season. Because of his work on the show, the first episode of the fourth season aired on June 11, 2014. The closing credits were preceded by a heartfelt memorial in his honor.

Did Albert Ezerzer know D.B. Woodside?

Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside, who both play characters in ’24’ and ‘Lucifer’, are often mistaken for each other due to their striking resemblance. After Ezerzer’s death, D.B. Woodside took over the role of Jeff Malone on ‘Suits’, reinforcing the connection between their names in the public’s minds.

What caused Albert Ezerzer’s demise?

Albert Ezerzer was killed by the rupture of an aortic aneurysm, which is a critical condition that causes severe internal bleeding. May 9, 2014 saw his untimely death as a result of this tragic event.


Who was Albert Ezerzer?

Albert Ezerzer played a role in the transportation department on the popular TV show ‘Suits’. Despite working behind the scenes, he was instrumental in the show’s production.

Was Albert Ezerzer an actor?

No, Albert Ezerzer was not an actor. He was employed in the transportation department for a variety of film and television productions.

Are Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside the same person?

No, Albert Ezerzer and D.B. Woodside are not the same person. They are two individuals who share a similar appearance but have no familial connections.

What caused Albert Ezerzer’s death?

Albert Ezerzer died from an aortic aneurysm rupture, a serious medical condition that led to internal bleeding.

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